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23 May 2020

Sometimes They Come Back: MBA Reunion 2020

Find out if 2020 is your class' year! Join this unique and international event, dedicated to those who have undertaken a very tough and exciting challenge: an MBA from SDA Bocconi.

Why Attend the MBA Reunion?
coming back to Bocconi – where you experienced the hardest but most exciting months of your life – is always a thrill.
Because it’s nostalgic, seeing friends, locations and professors again brings out dormant memories and memories are good for the heart and the sense of belonging to a Community that is growing every day.
Because it’s networking also with other class groups from different generations of MBAs.
Because it’s continuing education, with ad hoc sessions, faculty and speakers of the highest caliber.

The format.
"Once every 5 years": the MBA Reunion brings together specific class groups that graduated starting in 1980 every five years.
Two days, organized like this: Saturday at Bocconi starting at 10:30am, "back to class", tour of the new Bocconi campus, gala dinner and a leisure activity for class groups off-campus on Sunday.

Class groups involved.
This year, for the first time, it’s “back to the past”: it’s time for the class groups that already experienced the 2015 Reunion to return.
Here they are:

MBA 10
MBA 15
MBA 20
MBA 25
MBA 30
MBA 35
MBA 40

In addition to these class groups, the MBA Reunion is also open to the current class groups on campus, or anyone who is still studying. For them it will be a preview of their 2025 Reunion, and they can network and get to know MBA colleagues from previous years.

The program. [Complete details available soon online]

Saturday 23 May
Starting at 10:30am – Registration and welcome coffee
Classroom sessions
Tour of the new Campus
From 7:15pm to 12:30am: Gala dinner

Sunday 24 May
From 11:00am to around 2:30pm
For the class groups off-campus: Guided tour of Teatro alla Scala and lunch

You can register for the whole event or just a part.
Click on the blue button in the upper right-hand corner.
N.B. An Early Bird discount is available to anyone who registers by 24 March.

MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund.
Since 2013 MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund has given deserving students the opportunity to pursue a SDA Bocconi MBA. You can support the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund directly when registering for the event (and it's 100% deductible). 


Registration Deadline: 19/05/2020 12:00
da: 23/05/2020 10:30
a: 24/05/2020 14:30
Milano, via Roentgen 1
Cancellation policy: E' previsto il rimborso della quota per cancellazioni entro venerdì 15 maggio ore 12.00.
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